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Implementing AOE Spells: A New Level of Depth and Strategy in our MMORPG Game

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⁣Hello and welcome back! In my last update post, I talked about how I was working on implementing Area of Effect (AOE) spells in our MMORPG game. I am happy to report that I have made significant progress since then, and these spells are now functional!

As you may recall, these spells are designed to affect all monsters within a certain radius of the player. Unlike targeted spells that require a player to select a specific monster, these spells can be cast at any point on the ground and will affect all monsters within range.

To make this possible, I had to develop a new system for handling the AOE calculations. This system takes into account the location of the player and the size of the AOE effect, and determines which monsters are within range of the spell. Once the system has identified the affected monsters, it applies the spell's effects to each one.

One of the challenges I encountered while working on this system was ensuring that the AOE spells did not accidentally affect friendly units, such as other players or NPCs. To solve this problem, I added a layer of checks to the system to ensure that only enemy monsters are affected by these spells.

Another important aspect of these AOE spells is their balance. I spent a significant amount of time testing and tweaking the damage and other effects of the spells to ensure that they are both effective and balanced. This involved working closely with our game designers and playtesters to gather feedback and make adjustments as needed.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the AOE spells turned out. They add a new level of depth and strategy to our game's combat system, and I believe our players will enjoy using them to take down hordes of monsters with ease.

That's it for now, stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on improving and expanding our MMORPG game.

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